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1200 migrants rescued by HMS Bulwark - June 2015 


More than 1200 migrants were rescued by HMS Bulwark on the 7th June, 2015 off the Libyan coast. They had been left drifting in the hope of being rescued and brought to Europe. While tragedy was avoided on this occasion, many thousands have perished trying to attempt this journey often fleeing war, poverty and persecution in their home countries. For those lucky enough to survive the journey, their treatment once in Europe is often appalling. The migrants face months of internment, racial abuse and a life on the margins of mainstream society.

Desperate conditions for migrants arriving on Greek island of Lesbos


The migrant crisis continues on the Greek island of Lesbos where, despite the approaching winter, people continue to make the perilous crossing from Turkey. With thousands arriving each day, the local authorities and aid agencies working there have been overwhelmed. In one processing centre the migrants wait days in appalling conditions for papers required before they set out on the next leg of their perilous journey across Europe.

Greece economic crisis, riot - July 2015


A peaceful anti-austerity protest turns violent when anarchists petrol-bomb a hotel near parliament and police respond with tear gas. Filmed and edited for BBC Ten O'Clock News with correspondent Katya Adler.

Emilia Fox visits ActionAid Ethiopia


Filmed earlier this year in rural Ethiopia, the film features actress Emilia Fox who visited the Girar Jarso community on behalf of ActionAid. The film examines some of the issues facing women and children living in poverty and the work ActionAid does to help change their lives for good.

Newsnight - The Twins of Auschwitz

When the Soviet army liberated the Auschwitz death camp 70 years ago many of the prisoners had been killed or marched away by the retreating Nazis. But among those left were some twin children - the subject of disturbing experiments by Dr Josef Mengele. 

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